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Our Mission

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Our mission is to provide pharmaceuticals that are in fundamental demand, within a framework of Quality, Affordability and Availability.


We make our products widely available. We achieve this by owning and operating a Shalina depot in every major city in each of our markets. This ensures that our products are always in stock, have a deep penetration in the market and are sold at a fair price.


We ensure our products are affordable by the general public. We achieve this by integrating our value chain. We have and will continue to forge strong and long-term partnerships with our suppliers in India and China. We also manage the supply chain through to the Shalina depot in each of our markets in Africa.


We supply our customers with high quality products. We achieve this by ensuring that the raw and packing materials that go into our finished product are sourced from reliable well established manufacturers. In addition, the manufacturing factories that make our products adhere to world-class quality control processes.