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Malaria is a We problem

World Malaria Day is a crucial opportunity for individuals and organizations from around the globe to join forces in raising awareness and taking action to combat this preventable and treatable disease. It is not a disease that is selective. It affects all of us, and that is why we make it our personal responsibility to tackle it on multiple fronts.


Through our well-established community-based network of pharmacies and healthcare providers across Africa, we are able to make high-quality antimalarial drugs accessible and affordable to all. Awareness campaigns aimed at educating people about the risks of malaria and how to avoid it are crucial to complete the circle of prevention and cure.


In the lead-up to World Malaria Day, we have intensified our efforts in Angola, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, CAR and the DRC. Over 4000 plus individuals received malaria testing and treatment through health camps. Through carnivals, roadshows, and hygiene drives in hospitals and clinics, Shal’Artem has touched over 12,000 plus lives in our market.


We firmly believe that cooperation and collaboration are key to eradicating malaria for good and our grassroots initiatives directly impact the communities we serve. Together, we can create a healthier, more prosperous Africa, not only for today but for future generations to come.