Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide brands & services of the utmost quality while ensuring their affordability, and easy availability for the people of Africa.


Our commitment to supplying high-quality products & services to our customers is unwavering. To achieve this, we meticulously source raw and packaging materials from reputable and established manufacturers. We exclusively manufacture Shalina products & services in WHO GMP approved plants and follow strict Quality Control processes to ensure all our products & services meet all applicable standards of quality, safety and efficacy.



Affordability for the mass markets is a guiding principle for us.  To achieve this we manage the end-to-end supply chain, from manufacturing through to last mile distribution in our markets in Africa.  Thereby, we cut out the middlemen and pass on these savings to the general public.


Ensuring widespread availability of our products & services is paramount to us. We achieve this by establishing and managing Shalina depots & distributors in major cities across our markets. This strategic approach guarantees consistent product availability, deep market penetration, and fair pricing, enabling us to serve our customers effectively.



Our Jejuri factory was audited and approved by Food & Drugs Authority, Ghana in 2009. Our initial operations in Ghana were limited to an import and re-export hub in Tema Free Trade Zone to service Ghana and other West African Countries.
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